1C:Business Management Suite

1C:Business Management Suite is a complex solution for the automation of your company's activities to provide joint operation and optimization of trade, warehouse, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SFA (Sales Force Automation) management tasks and analysis and planning of operations.

Product description

The application is based on a high-performance platform and offers many customization options to the requirements of each activity, so developing and adapting the application is very easy and efficient.

1C:BMS offers the following functions:

  • Purchase records;
  • Sales records;
  • Records of reciprocal payments with partners;
  • Stocketaking;
  • Order Records;
  • Accounting for products by barcodes and characteristics;
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM);
  • Production Records;
  • Analysis and management reports;
  • Staff monitoring and productivity;
  • Pricing analysis and management;
  • Budget planning and budget process;
  • Dual Currency Accounting.